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BillCall Feature

BillCall is a pioneer in Telecom Resource Management and its latest version 2.6 is designed and developed with all advanced features that cater the needs of our clients. This solution offers rich-featured, web-based interface and unparalleled performance, possessing the ability to effortlessly calculate millions of...

BillCall System Architecure

BillCall’s architecture is flexible, scalable and robust and is typically flavored with high performance. BillCall’s architecture supports design, development and implementation of rich industry standard VoIP Call Usage Mediations with assured return on investment.

BillCall Up Coming Projects

With a view to constantly upgrade ourselves with the latest updates, BillCall team is always ahead of others in evolving new and rich up gradations that are unbeatable. Multi Currency Support and Converged Billing along with International Government Aggregation projects are more interactive and superior...

USP & Applications

BillCall Solution features are a generation ahead of its legacy and VoIP based counterparts. Through our unique synchronized solutions, we offer our VoIP providers a high-value, low-cost, fully-featured billing and customer management solution, specifically designed to meet the challenges of Wholesale companies of any size who are using advanced IP-centric tools to deliver their products and services.

Unique Sales Points (USP)

BillCall is exclusive Billing & Resource Management software that is affordable and highly scalable.  It is targeted to small and growing Telco’s (MNOs), MVNOs, CLECS, Independent ILDs, ISPs, Clearing houses and Carriers.

BillCall VoIP Billing management services are meant for wholesale VoIP operators and VoIP termination service providers desiring top grade NGN Carrier Grade Switching. The ease of this solution is that no hefty investment is specially needed for building, managing or owning a VoIP Switch and OSS infrastructure.

BillCall’s VoIP Billing solution is the most technologically advanced software solution available in the market today. With its unique intelligent routing capabilities, it assures each call is completed as cost-effectively as possible. Additionally, you can be sure that you are buying a carrier-grade, trusted product which has been appreciated by many of our wholesalers. (Refer Customers Section)

BillCall Assures Dramatic Return on Investment with revenue assurance

Once customer deploys the BillCall, they are assured to receive a rapid return on investment. Recovering revenue from improper billing provides for a return on investment within a small period as less as even from 3-6 months.

Documented Back up Facility

If carriers are improperly billed, a documented back up available within the Solution, permits correcting it immediately and nullifying the revenue leakage if any  along with auto alert generation. Customers can verify their collected information so that there are absolutely no disputes any further.

Quantitative and definitive analysis helps carriers design their inter-carrier billing to run optimally and at the highest level of profitability for them.

Typical Applications

  • VoIP Wholesale Billing and Carrier Settlement Termination and Origination reports
  • Origination and Termination reporting based on CDRS
  • Carriers are defined by IP or combinations
  • Rating tables per provider's (carrier)
  • A...Z table assigned per tariff
  • Call is split to intervals / rounding
  • Time of day rating
  • Accounting and usage reports to perform settlements with the providers
  • Periodic reporting includes: ACR, ACD, True ASR, Avg Calls, Max Calls, Min calls
  • Defined thresholds for alerts in the periodic reports
  • Reports are sent by email to operational team and optional SMS alerting integration
  • Call termination cause code reporting to detect network problems
  • The reports are per destination prefix and a summary for trunk
  • Daily operational report is generated per day
  • Rating tables per provider's Tech prefix
  • Operator financial reports per provider, routes
  • Exporting CDRS from the UI to CSV files

Integration & Technology

This VoIP billing software is built using 100% multi-threaded Microsoft .Net technologies, making it a high performance billing engine that can handle millions of calls. The billing process is running on lower priority threads, never affecting the call quality when the server usage is high. The remote management application offers multiple customizable reports including, accounting, revenue, expenses, call history by user and others.

Solutions from other competitors require complex integration efforts and typically cost a lot more.  With our solution, integration problems are taken out of the picture through this high value, low cost, out-of-the box solution.  

Unlimited Scalability

BillCall’s VoIP billing software can be deployed in an active environment, making it endlessly scalable.

Technicality and Cost Effectiveness

BillCall Solution will handle the service billing for the carriers/providers and the billing platform needed to invoice VoIP traffic. Utmost care has been taken to avoid any pitfalls, inefficiencies that might occur in the system and available at reasonable costs for traditional circuit and switch billing.

Integration with Various Gateways

BillCall solution is an integrator of billing solutions of the highest level and quality. The VoIP billing platform created by Panamax Info Tech Company possesses high performance, incredible failure tolerance, impressive feature list and capability to integrate with wide spectrum of gateways like Sansay, Verso, and Nextone.

Real-time Quality Control

    • Real-time active calls monitoring
    • Automatic and manual blocking of fraudulent calls and gateways
    • FAS detection support
    • Constant real-time monitoring of channels quality with e-mail or SMS notifications
    • Vendor notifications regarding

Wholesale Termination via Gateways

Wholesale voice is a growth market, with service providers building new capacities and launching new services. The primary wholesale service is long-distance transport and aggregation, with the key advantage being that country-specific features and domestic calling regulations are not required. The principal beneficiaries are developing countries, wherein many cases, the quality of VoIP is superior to that of traditional PSTN services.

Adaptive Routing and Superior Quality of Service

BillCall allows you to automate the process for controlling the call quality which becomes increasingly important today. That is, if you want to evaluate acceptable vendors for terminating VoIP calls, there is no need to hire numerous human operators or network engineers, who will track and analyze the specific route. All you need is to implement adaptive routing model.

BillCall Solution Basic Qualities (B to B)

Features B to B
Authentication IP Based only
Tunneling Optional Add on
Accounting Real Time
Payment Methods Offline & Online
Sign Ups Manual
Rating Rate Sheet Based
  • Least Cost Based Routing
  • Priority Routing
Multi Currency Vendor Side
Franchisee Sales Network No
Play IVRs No
Supported Business Models
  • VoIP Wholesale
  • VoIP Termination