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BillCall Feature

BillCall is a pioneer in Telecom Resource Management and its latest version 2.6 is designed and developed with all advanced features that cater the needs of our clients. This solution offers rich-featured, web-based interface and unparalleled performance, possessing the ability to effortlessly calculate millions of...

BillCall Up Coming Projects

With a view to constantly upgrade ourselves with the latest updates, BillCall team is always ahead of others in evolving new and rich up gradations that are unbeatable. Multi Currency Support and Converged Billing along with International Government Aggregation projects are more interactive and superior...

Fraud Management

BillCall has created an automated software tool to input, analyze and report CDR Reconciliation.  This software can give your company a huge advantage by saving on resource time, identifying fraud (false answer supervision), cherry picking, and other risk related issues and overbilling. Disputes that once tied up key engineers can be processed quickly and defending or initiating disputes is no longer a headache. All invoices can be validated which can assist in auditing and risk management as well.

With its robust authentication and rating capabilities, BillCall VoIP Billing enables Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) to make the most of their service offerings while protecting valuable revenue streams through its Fraud Management capabilities, leakage free CDR Rating and Revenue Assurance functionality.

Sales environments, customer service industries and any business that has staff with access to telephones within your business can benefit greatly from the reports offered in the BillCall solution.

What is it? How Will It Help Me?

BillCall Solution can be used as an Overall Management tool which can:

  • Improve productivity of employees, allocate costs to different departments, control misuse & abuse,
  • Monitor call patterns & line usage and motivate employees in order to improve its functionality.
  • You will be able to determine how many calls staff are taking and making throughout the day, week and months.
  • You will be able to see details on those calls from phone numbers, duration of calls and calls that seem to be very high in duration or costs.
  • Use our specialty reports to find any telephone numbers that are being called or calling into your business an excessive amount and determine where and who they are coming from.

BillCall also offers an extensive report listing where you will find reports that will help you determine peak times of the day or week for your company or staff as individuals, and line utilization. Our scheduled reporting module allows automatic emailing or printing or saving of reports on a schedule that you determine. Have your specifically built reports emailed to any recipient in many format choices, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

How Does It Work?

BillCall also has the ability for you to schedule yourself to be alerted by email or screen popup when a specific telephone number of interest has called your business or been called out from your business. Creative options allow you to set up flexible parameters like alerts for call made to or from a certain country, city, state, province and much more. Have as many alerts setup as you like!