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BillCall Feature

BillCall is a pioneer in Telecom Resource Management and its latest version 2.6 is designed and developed with all advanced features that cater the needs of our clients. This solution offers rich-featured, web-based interface and unparalleled performance, possessing the ability to effortlessly calculate millions of...

Interconnect Billing

BillCall is becoming the worlds most comprehensive and powerful settlements system. It handles every kind of traffic - from simple voice to the most advanced data and content services - in a single, highly-integrated platform. It helps operators across the globe to improve profit margins, meet strict regulatory and audit compliance requirements and comply with the broadest range of global standards.

BillCall is an ‘out-of-the-box’ system that supports all of your billing and settlement models from voice, data, SMS/MMS interconnection, and international route-based tariffs (ITU), to new IP and revenue sharing-based agreements with multimedia, content, VoIP, WLAN and m-commerce partners. It has been benchmarked to process well over 1 billion EDRs in an eight-hour period. It is built on strong accounting and audit principles to help you, as an operator, to negotiate from a position of advantage.

What is its use?

  • Increases Revenue and improve Cash Flow
    BillCall helps you to bill for new products promptly and accurately, reconcile incoming invoices with reliable, provably accurate data. It helps you avoid disputes and prove correct when disputes occur. 
  • Increases interconnect margins
    Increased competition has brought about tremendous pressure on the end-user prices for telecom services.  The net result is that operators must find ways to squeeze out costs from their own operations, whilst leveraging the investments that have been made in their networks.  Automated rate loading makes it easy to set-up and launch new interconnect arrangements, and re-rating based on aggregate summaries enables rapid assessment of new offers to determine Least Cost Routing.
  • Enables fast business decisions
    Knowledge is power, and access to the right information at the right time enables informed business decisions based on hard fact.  Interconnect Billing provides an up to the minute view of the status and financial exposure of all interconnect agreements.  Its system of aggregates makes re-rating of an entire month’s traffic possible within minutes, allowing almost instant analysis of the impact of alternate routes or newly negotiated agreements.
  • Lowers Total Cost of Ownership
    BillCall Solution is a convergent settlement system which enables consolidation of national and international businesses and supports multi-franchise operations. The ability to deploy additional rating engines that run on low-cost hardware provides a cost-effective and readily scalable solution.
  • Simple to Complex Rating Schedules
  • Automated Reconciliation Procedures