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BillCall Feature

BillCall is a pioneer in Telecom Resource Management and its latest version 2.6 is designed and developed with all advanced features that cater the needs of our clients. This solution offers rich-featured, web-based interface and unparalleled performance, possessing the ability to effortlessly calculate millions of...

BillCall System Architecure

BillCall’s architecture is flexible, scalable and robust and is typically flavored with high performance. BillCall’s architecture supports design, development and implementation of rich industry standard VoIP Call Usage Mediations with assured return on investment.

BillCall Up Coming Projects

With a view to constantly upgrade ourselves with the latest updates, BillCall team is always ahead of others in evolving new and rich up gradations that are unbeatable. Multi Currency Support and Converged Billing along with International Government Aggregation projects are more interactive and superior...


BillCall is a perfect multi tasking resource management for Wholesale carriers. It enables dynamic reporting which helps business processes like Sales, Support, Disputes, Rates & Routing and Accounts & Finance to run smoothly.

It is an ease of Billing Management Solution that maintains Call detail records that can be output to any billing system format easing integration with third party billing platforms.

Thanks to a tandem of advanced components, BillCall’s VoIP wholesale traffic solution facilitates interconnection among VoIP networks regardless of their call control protocol, equipment vendor or internal architecture. It also enables the creation of scalable and easy-to-manage transit VoIP networks, providing call authentication/authorization, information on priority-based and LCR (least-cost routing), CDR processing, and advanced statistics (ASR, Cost/Revenue, etc.).

The various BillCall Modules are: Rates, Clients Management, Route Management, Accounting, Notification, Reports and Utility.

Rates Module

BillCall provides unique rate management. It does Automatic customer rate notification as well as manages Vendor rates with respect to relevant dates, codes, country group minutely with optimum accuracy guaranteed.
Each Carrier uses a different Rate Format for rate presentation wherein some use CSV while others use Excel formats. The rate upload process is interactive and provides a comparison between new rates and existing ones, so that you can review the rates uploaded for validity and accuracy.

  • Ability to schedule future rate auto-change
  • Rate Modification History
  • Flexible tool for uploading your carriers’ rate lists from CSV/XLS files
  • Peak and off-peak rates
  • Flexible off-peak period definition
  • Volume discount plans
  • Automatically offset balances for bilateral traffic exchange
  • Supports Product Group and System Code

Client Management Module

This functionality is incorporated with an aim to provide simplicity to the administrator for managing the client details along with carrier and resource management. Features are enhanced in a very effective manner so that it will cover all the verticals of client management for billing solution.

Route Management Module

BillCall is a scalable, fully automated Least Cost Routing system, using complex longest digit match algorithms to manage routing for your VoIP switch. Least Cost Routes are prioritized on profitability, and non-profitable routes are blocked automatically and primarily designed for Nextone and Sansay platforms. It is also designed to minimize the amount of “hands on” time required to manage the routing and update your switch. This solution automatically imports carriers, codes and rates from your existing billing system, eliminating duplicate data entry errors.

BillCall’s Route Management is so specific at generating increased revenues…

  • Each termination carrier or customer can have their own tariff, with a different set of prefixes
  • Least-Cost Routing
  • Priority-Based Routing
  • Individual Routing plans for customers, Destination groups for easier Rate Management
  • Typical Switch management features

Accounting Module

This functionality majorly deals with accounting related details. BillCall Accounting activities are majorly categorized as Invoice, Finance, Report, Carrier Bank Details.

Notification Module

BillCall works while you are at ease and gives you alerts so that you don’t miss any important events. Notifications can be done as

  • Quality Notifications based on ASR, ACD, and Failed Attempts etc.
  • Threat Notifications of an Unauthorized Call attempts hitting on your Switch/GW
  • Prompt Notifications of Revenue Loss or Unbilled Calls
  • Notifications as per user defined schedules and periods
  • Notifications for generating invoice
  • Credit limit notification
  • Any user defined Notification with an E-mail Template

Reports Module

BillCall is a multi tasking resource management for wholesale carriers. It enables dynamic reporting which helps business processes like Sales, Support, Rates & Routing, Disputes, and Accounts & Finance to run smoothly and more effectively.

Major Reports generated include

  • Admin Reports: based on System Status, Mail History and User Log
  • Analytical Reports: includes the main CDR Flow and Traffic Statistics
  • Business Reports: include typical Traffic Analysis
  • Financial Reports: include Cash Flow Management and Aging Analysis and E-mail Communications
  • Real-time email alerts
  • Comprehensive built-in reports
  • ASR, Cost/Revenue, CDRs
  • Customizable PDF invoices with attached call summary
  • Access to self-care pages for your customers and termination partners

Utility Module

BillCall provides various interfaces for managing unique data. It is actually an interface for every other interactive interface.