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BillCall Feature

BillCall is a pioneer in Telecom Resource Management and its latest version 2.6 is designed and developed with all advanced features that cater the needs of our clients. This solution offers rich-featured, web-based interface and unparalleled performance, possessing the ability to effortlessly calculate millions of...

BillCall Up Coming Projects

With a view to constantly upgrade ourselves with the latest updates, BillCall team is always ahead of others in evolving new and rich up gradations that are unbeatable. Multi Currency Support and Converged Billing along with International Government Aggregation projects are more interactive and superior...

Revenue Assurance

Revenue assurance and mediation solutions are vital for returning telecommunication companies to operational health and dexterity.

In fact, today's operational shortfalls affect practically every aspect of a service provider's business like:

  • Call usage information is dropped on the floor as networks are upgraded
  • Interconnect bill verification is a complex jurisdictional nightmare
  • Services are routinely provisioned but never billed
  • Poor sales policies are intensifying collections problems
  • VoIP and content-based data services can’t be mediated accurately
  • Network inventory can’t be reconciled to the actual switches
  • Field service, customer care, and network build out are not optimized

Long Term Care Facilities, Executive Offices and Multi Tenant Environments are just a few industries that would utilize the reports offered in the BillCall Accounting Software. The reports and rate structures can be customized according to your specific needs from simply recovering your telecommunication costs to creating additional assured revenues.

What is it?  How will it help me?

BillCall provides the ability for you to create a complete bill for your residents, patients or guests. Add your own surcharges and control the per minute rates charged out or simply match your company rate for recovery only. By adding surcharge, revenues are generated or recovered depending on your requirements. Scheduled reports allow you to automate the arrival of the monthly bills to an email address, printer or file. In addition to billing for telephone calls, you can also create your own monthly recurring or non recurring (one time charge) charges to apply to a resident or a customer bill. You are able to provide a complete bill for any and all charges above and beyond telephone calls.

How it is done with BillCall?

BillCall solution has Least Cost Routing feature that definitely assures increased revenues as regions of Negative Margin are intimated through the Notifications delivered to the client. In Telecom industry any amount of down time in the system or call accounting systems can result in lost revenue. Receive an email or screen pop up when no data is collected into our billing system in the form of Notifications is widely useful.