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Switch API Interoperability

We are keenly aware of the challenges service providers face in a hyper-competitive market. As a leading provider of billing and IP service management solutions for global Telecom and Internet Service Providers, we realize that maximum margin potential has to be extracted while ensuring the highest in customer satisfaction and value.

We majorly deal with VoIP Billing that includes support for toll free calling and 24x7 technical support and other features as well as interoperability with major Soft switches such as

  • Sansay
  • Nextone
  • Verso
  • VoIP Switch

Today's world of VoIP is an integration of equipment vendors and service providers, all of whom follow the various VoIP-related RFCs to some varying degree. Since the RFCs are not binding - they are Requests for Comments after all - each vendor is free to interpret these "standards" as they see fit. The inevitable result of this arrangement is the Vendor Blame Game when equipment and services fail to interoperate properly.  Our BillCall developers prefer to avoid this scenario by adhering closely to the RFCs. This can be a challenge because theory in RFCs does not always translate well into actual real-world application.