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Telecom Resource Management

Any company which uses multiple lines, has a PRI or has a high volume of traffic would be interested in managing their telecom resources. With the BillCalll accounting software, you would not only receive our line and trunk utilization reports but you would also receive our full list of reports which contain categories such as reporting by company, division, country group and much more.

What is it? How will it help me?

TRM includes reports which determine peak times of the day or week, line utilization along with trunk utilization. You will be able to assess whether you are paying for too many lines or simply do not have enough. In addition reports such as All Lines Busy Reporting will allow you to see if you are maxing out on all your lines frequently and if so, when, what time of the day, is there a pattern to be assessed? You can choose any reports scheduled to generate & print or email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis automatically.

How does it work?

BillCall stores detailed information of the different Carriers along with their contact info and dept info at a single location. After all the features are configured , uploading a rate notice either to the customer or vendor or reciprocal is detailed through an open rate upload that is configured by BILLCALL as a single resource and will be received by them. All the operations are performed within a single, unique resource and in a secured manner.